$300 dlls*
$1,800 dlls*
$300 dlls*
$300 dlls*
Guided Tissue Regeneration
(surgery, bone graft and emdogain)
$700 dlls*
Guided Bone Regeneration
(surgery, bone graft and collagen membrane)
$900 dlls*
Guided Bone Vertical Regeneration
(surgery, bone graft & titanium reinforced membrane)
$1,050 dlls*
$100 dlls*
$200 dlls*
$350 dlls*
$450 dlls*
First Consultation
$30 dlls*
Complete Full Mouth X-Rays
$90 dlls*
Regular Dental Cleaning
$50 dlls*

* All fees are subject to change at the discretion. Some fees may vary where unusual services and/ or materials are required. Please discuss all fees with dentist prior to treatment. Lab fees are additional.


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